Nickaz Commercial Interiors Gives Back

Over the years, as much has been invested into Nickaz as a company as has been invested in giving back.

We have been involved in a lot of charities; Ride to Conquer Cancer, hosting The World’s Greatest Shave, the PIF annually to raise money for homeless children, the City2Surf, the Steve Waugh Foundation Ride and more recently Kazan has been working closely with John Maclean and his foundation.

Then there’s everything behind the scenes - Kazan and Nicole don’t bat an eyelid to jump in and help out people in need directly - financially, with resources or connecting people to create a supportive network. I’ve never witnessed any consideration to receive acknowledgement or repayment.

It’s rare to meet individuals so adamantly open to giving, over and over … how are people that genuine shaped? I asked Kazan what it meant to him;

‘For many people that have been successful in business – do you know how many at some point in life have been told “How lucky” they are when someone gets a glimpse of their wealth?

The last time someone told me how lucky I was I thought to myself, isn’t luck when you win the lotto or Keno or find fifty bucks on the ground???

I wish that person was around when I had nothing. Living in a shed with my wife and three young kids, holes in the floors and walls, and in the bitter cold of winters and the searing heat of endless summers…when people I employed often earned more than me. Getting out of bed in the morning at 4:30, working on the tools till 12pm, changing into nice clothes to visit clients in the afternoon, getting home to see the family and help put the kids to bed, then working on designs and quotes until midnight before starting all over again.
Day after day. Year after year.

Or the times I had to do all-nighters…being so tired that I fell asleep on the floor of an office building with a cordless drill in my hand and a screw half in the wall.

NO, for me there is no “luck”, just hard work, perseverance, work ethic and many other things you need to get you to where you need to go.

One of the greatest things I have learned though - through my experiences and coming from a humble beginning having to work my way up - is a deep understanding of what people less fortunate than me now can go through.

As I get older and as I enjoy some of the success of years of hard work, it only deepens my sense and need to give back.

As a business owner and as I’m seen more and more as a leader in my field and the wider community, the idea strengthens that all of us who enjoy success for whatever reason should think about the people who need our help and try in some way, whether it be time or maybe financially but we should all try in some way to PAY BACK!!’